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Our body is made up of organs that perform various functions and each of these organs have got its own purpose to serve. Likewise, your ears have its own purpose which is nothing but making you hear all the sounds around you.

If seeing the world with your eyes is a kind of happiness, hearing different sounds around you is another kind of happiness. Imagine a day when you become deaf and the entire world is muted.

You will not be able to hear your granddaughter singing her rhymes, the laugh of your son and your daughter, the sound of birds chirping as you take an early morning walk, the sound of the wind hitting your ears and there are more such beautiful sounds that you will never be able to hear. 

If it is painful being deaf just for a day then imagine what kind of nightmare will it be to never hear any of the sounds for the rest of your life! What is it like to be deaf for the rest of your life? One can never imagine such sadness.

As you age, your hearing functions may become weak and you will not be able to listen to sounds sharply like before. So you need a proper medicine that can bring back your hearing and let sounds reach your ears like before.

Introducing the Hearing X3 that can treat the problems with your ears and give your crystal clear hearing all over again. 

What is Hearing X3?

Hearing X3 is an extremely beneficial supplement that repairs all the damages that are done to your ears and makes your hearing clearer and sharper than before. 

Poor hearing can be a big problem and sometimes a really embarrassing one too. You will not be able to hear what others say the very first and you might ask them to repeat it a couple more time and that can make the other person lose patience with talking to you.

Hearing X3 can rectify this issue and make sure that you hear everything that is said the very first time itself. 

Hearing X3 is specially formulated to open the blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the ears. By this, the toxins that are causing your ear cells to become weak will give up and die. 

This supplement also helps your overall health by preventing inflammation of the nerves and tissue damage. It acts as a perfect herbal cleanse that cleanses your inner ears and makes the sounds to hit the ears more clearly and you will end up hearing everything without any disturbance. 

How does it work?

Hearing X3 comes as a powerful formula with 15 ingredients combined that includes vitamins, minerals and other natural herbs that improves the functioning and the health of the inner ear hair cells. 

Inflammation can be a real threat no matter where it occurs in your body. Inflammation of the cochlea which is the inner part of your ear can damage it and thus affect your hearing. Hearing X3 has got ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and strong enough to get rid of inflammation at once. 

This supplement has got the tendency to clean up your cochlea hair cells and rejuvenate your inner ears and this makes all the sounds to be heard very clearly. 

High decibel sounds can always damage your eardrums and even if that occurs your body has the natural tendency to repair the damages eardrums by itself. But as your age, this little function becomes difficult for your ears to perform and as a result, you start losing your hearing ability.

This supplement treats those damages done to your eardrums and makes hearing easy for you again. 

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Added Ingredients: 

COQ10: This substance protects your inner ear hair cells from toxic exposure, oxidative cell damage, and loud noises by providing the needed antioxidant support.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAS): This shield your ears from oxidative damage, inflammatory damage caused by cytokines and also prevents noise pollution. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C can really help you renew your hearing abilities if you over the age of 50 or 60. 

Zinc Citrate: This is an antioxidant that prevents age-related hearing impairments and removes the toxins that damage your inner ear cells. 

Astragalus: This increases the number of healthy hair cells inside your ears and keeps them healthy. 

Chrysanthemum: This antioxidant is known to prevent ROS activity inside your ears as well as your inner hair cells. 

Acetyl-L Carnitine: This reduces the age-related damages done to your cochlea and reduces the loss of hair cells inside your ears. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This fatty acid works as an antioxidant to prevent ROS damage and free radical attacks. 

Resveratrol: This is found in red wine and it reduces a protein called COX-2 that causes inflammation and oxidative damage. This is also good for your heart health. 

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb improves your brain health as well as gives back your lost hearing. 

Gotu Kola: This is known to prevent age-related hearing disability and also promotes blood flow inside your ear cells. 

What to Expect from Hearing X3?

If you have been looking for an all natural solution to cure your hearing issues and are waiting to listen to sounds clearly like before then this supplement is a must-have for you. 

This supplement can improve blood circulation on your inner ears so that it can remove all the toxins that are present there and make the sounds hit the cochlea more clearly. 

Hearing impairment mostly occurs due to oxidative damage and this supplement increase your glutathione levels that can prevent oxidative cell damage and blood vessel inflammation.

You will never again feel depressed or lonely or face any kind of embarrassments because of poor hearing capabilities as this supplement can reverse that within a very short period of time.


  • Prevents inflammation of the blood vessels. 
  • Stops the age-related hearing impairment. 
  • Comes as a solution to prevent oxidative cell damage and free radical attacks. 
  • Protects the health of the inner hair cells. 
  • Increases the growth of healthy hair cells. 
  • 100% natural and safe to consume. 
  • Protects your inner ears from loud noises and high decibel sounds. 


  • You can get this supplement only on its official website.
  • The results may vary for individuals.
  • It’s always e better thing to consult your doctor once before using any supplements if you are under other medications.
Prior to discovering Hearing X3, I was in great health – but had very poor hearing and detested wearing hearing aids. I hoped this product would offer me a solution to my hearing loss. I was naturally a bit skeptical about how effective it would be, but now I would tell others with a similar problem that they need to try this product! It has improved my ability to hear what I previously could not.

My hearing has improved to the extent that I can now interact with much more confidence when conversing with people. I am a sales executive and this supports me in my role daily—I’m picking up on comments I previously missed, thus ensuring greater success in my profession. Plus, I don’t need to use my hearing aids!

John Mackinlay, aged 64,


The ultimate purpose of your ears is to listen to the sounds around you without any trouble. What is the point of having those ears when you cannot hear anything? This supplement comes as a solution to your hearing disability and cures it before you know.

An all natural solution that can go deep into your hearing problem and gives you back your crystal clear hearing. You no longer need to ask people to repeat their words or depend on others for anything. Get this supplement now and enjoy the sound of everything intently. 

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