The Mastery Of Sleep Review

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The Mastery Of Sleep Review

A quality life depends on the three key Pillars also known as the tripod of life and these are diet, exercise, and sleep. Yes, sleep is an influential factor in our day to day lives. 

When you are not able to fall asleep it results in terrible mental and physical health issues like lethargy, frustration, irritability, nausea and what not.

In the modern era, most people choose hustle to oversleep because we are constantly pushed towards competition for being the survivor. It jostles us into a never-ending depressive state which hampers with our personal and professional life, further complicating the whole situation.

Just one sleepless night can give you a whole ride of restlessness and stress the other day making it a frightful experience. And if you face it often then it must be dreadful.

I was only scrolling over youtube when I saw a video in the ad section about sleep master class by Mindvalley. I must say I was intrigued by the way they were telling how we can improve our sleep cycle according to our very own biology. That did sound fascinating to me and it showed great results.  So I might as well introduce you about this amazing science behind sleep so that you can get better sleep and productive life. 

What actually is the Mastery of Sleep Quest?

The Mastery Of Sleep ReviewThis is a major breakthrough to one’s personal sleep cycle for a healthy life, introduced by Dr. Michael Breus. The speciality of this quest is that it is based on your very own chronotype that is your circadian cycle.

It is a 28-day quest in which Michael will guide you through the latest science of sleep to identify your chronotype, how many hours of sleep you need and how you program your mind and body to sleep through the night and wake up energized without the need of any alarm clock. By the end of the quest, you will have a mighty plan that specifically works according to your biology.

How is this quest going to help?

  • Fall asleep faster – It will help you doze off within minutes after lying on the bed.
  • Less – night waking – You sleep soundly throughout the night without any disturbances, even if you are a light sleeper.
  • Energize your mornings – It will help you wake up naturally without any alarm beaming with the utmost energy.
  • Weight management – You become far more resilient to poor eating habits, allows you to manage or even lose without excessive willpower.
  • Boost Immune system – Your resistance towards foreign pathogens increases dramatically and you become far less susceptible to chronic illness.
  • Clear Skin – Sound sleep always enhances the glow on your skin, maintains moisture and slows down the aging process.
  • Sharp Focus – You stay clear-headed and more focused on the things.
  • Reliable Memory – It refreshes your mind and enhances your brain’s capacity to retain and call past events hence intensifies your memory power.
  • Elevated Productivity – Being clear-headed and blessed with sharp memory, your productivity increases dramatically. You feel a surge of energy that lasts throughout the day.
  • Less Impulsive – You tend to understand things clear headedly and objectively allowing you to make more reasonable decisions.
  • Deep Empathy Your ability to recognize subtle social cues and process emotional information heightens allowing you to better connect with the people around you.
  • Reduced Stress – A good sleep helps you break your anxiety and relieve the stress. You become more resilient to any form of adversity making it easier for you to handle stress with poise and confidence.

The Mastery Of Sleep Review

How does this quest work?

This 28-day quest is designed to systematically hack your environment and your hormonal system to set off a deep and re-energizing sleep based on your own circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock which is responsible for the cycles between sleep and awaken state at regular intervals.

Dr. Michael Breus will guide you through this whole journey and at the end of the quest, you will be able to sleep much faster and easier where nigh-waking will become a matter of past. No matter how restless or full of frustration you were in the day time, it will definitely allow you to sleep at night like a baby, without any interference in your sleep cycle.

How to join the quest?

Follow the steps:

  • Click on add to cart option.
  • You will see a payment page on the screen; you have to pay the amount there.
  • After payment formalities, you will receive the confirmation mail with login details.
  • After entering the login id and password, you will get a pop-up option.
  • Access the program according to the date as mentioned in the program guide.


  • This is the best ever course you will find today.
  • It works on your own biology and naturally improves your sleep quality.
  • There are no side effects to this process as it doesn’t hamper with any of your body systems.
  • It improves your overall physical and mental health.
  • It gives you the lifetime treasure of sound sleep.
  • You do not need to take any medications which have hazardous effects on your health.
  • You can be productive and stress free during your working hours making you more dynamic.


  • You need internet access with a good network.
  • You need to strictly follow the guidelines in order to achieve the desired results.

The Mastery Of Sleep Review


The mastery of sleep is a win-win option for anyone in this whole world. It helps you attain a holistic level of calmness and blesses you with a sharp memory and productive days making you less stressed and more focused. “The mastery of sleep conquest is better than any pill or conquest”, says science.

This is the best way to reset your whole life without much expense and any sort of side effects. Also, mindavalley is a highly trusted platform and Dr. Michael is a certified doctor awarded several times for his exceptional capabilities in this niche.

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